Tag: Public Virtual Interface

  • Direct Connect and VLANs

    We were troubleshooting a network configuration on using AWS Direct Connect and as it turns out that the VLAN can be different coming from the Customer Gateway to the Customer POP Router and Customer POP Router to Public/Private Virtual Interface (VIF).

  • Hosted Public VIFs and LOA for Public IP and ASN

    Let’s say there are 2 companies. Each company has an AWS Account of their. Company A account owns the Direct Connect connection. They then created a Hosted Public Virtual Interface (VIF) to Company B account. Company B account will then accept the Hosted Public VIF from Company A account. Company B owns the public IP…

  • Public Virtual Interface (VIF) only advertising the AWS Prefixes on the same region

    We have a Direct Connect (DX) connection in Mumbai Region and we need to access an S3 bucket or an EC2 Instance with Elastic IP in N. Virginia region. For this we will need to use Public Virtual Interface (VIF). When we setup the Public VIF and configured the router in the Corporate Data Center,…