How to use Arduino IDE without installing in Windows 10

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

If you are like me who does not like installing software in my Windows computer, then you might want to use the non-install option for Arduino IDE.

Follow the steps below.

Steps on how to run Arduino IDE without installation

Download Arduino IDE

Go to

On the Download Options section, click on Windows ZIP file.

This will then open the donate page. Click Just Download.

If you are happy with Arduino then consider going back here and donating to Arduino.

This will start the download of the ZIP file of the Arduino IDE.

As of writing the Zip file is around 192 MB.

Extracting the the Arduino IDE from the ZIP file

Go to the folder where you downloaded the Arduino IDE ZIP file.

Right click on the ZIP File and click Extract All...

This will open a window, and ask the destination of your extraction will be.

Click on Extract.

This might take a while to extract.

Once extraction is finished, this will create a new folder in your destination folder.

Running Arduino IDE

Go inside the folder and run Arduino IDE by double-clicking arduino.exe.

On your first run, a Windows Security Alert will pop-up. Just click on Allow Access.

You may now use the Arduino IDE.

Additional Information

It is faster to extract files when using 7-Zip compared to using the native extraction tool of Windows.

Since the Arduino IDE is not easily found in the Start Menu, it is best to create a Desktop Shortcut or pinning the application to the Taskbar.

To create a Desktop Shorcut, right-click on arduino.exe, then go to Send to >> Desktop (create shortcut).

This will create an icon in your desktop which you can use to launch Arduino IDE.

To pin Arduino IDE in the Taskbar, right-click arduino.exe. Then click on Pin to taskbar.

We hope this helps you run the Arduino IDE without installation in Windows.

Let me know how your experience went in the comments below.

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